TOITERT - from our dog loving family to yours!

Our journey into family business has started since 2015 when we made our first dog car seat. Behind the brand name TOITERT there is our beloved doggie Tina - the Russian Toy Terrier. We travel a lot and we’ve never found the right dog car seat for Tina that would feel completely safe, comfortable and look stylish. So our family has found the best tailor in Kaunas town called Kunkis and together created the first dog car seat made exclusively for Tina. Unique product with an exceptional design that has no analogues became popular in Lithuania very quickly. Now TOITERT dog car seats are known all around the world: from European countries to India, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, United States and Canada. The largest amount of TOITERT dog car seats are delivered to America because people there are really taking extremely responsible care of their dog best friends.

Safety first when you travel with your dog!

Our dog Tina is the greatest traveling fan so safety on the road is the most important quality of TOITERT dog car seats. As soon as Tina hears the car door opening, she runs and jumps into the seats of the car without any hesitation. Spain, Greece, Cyprus or any other destination for our family vacation is much easier to reach when Tina travels in her own TOITERT dog car seat.

Meet TOITERT family members!

Tatiana is the mother and in her free time she likes to gather with family or friends, play board games, listen to music, attend dance lessons.

Laimis is the father and he is a calmer personality choosing quiet walks in the city, fishing and enjoying nature in his free time.

Edgaras is the son who spends most of his free time in the car traveling everywhere. He enjoys spending good time in a cafe and having delicious dinner in a restaurant.

Our family shares a big love for animals. We work together to make the life easier for the dogs and their owners. This is the reason why TOITERT dog car seats exist - for the safe, comfortable and stylish trips!